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America's Expert on helping young people learn empathy, compassion and kindness

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An evidence-based comprehensive social/emotionalcurriculum for middle schoolers proven to stop bullying.  This is a national movement towards civility!

The Meanest Generation: Understanding Bullying;

Caring Safely for Angry Youth; And many more!


CCaring safely for Angry and violent Children and Youth;


About Dr. Malcolm Smith


Dr. Malcolm Smith is one of the Nation's leading educators on stopping the cycles of meanness, incivility and violence that have permeated the culture and climate of our nation's schools and youth cultures. Among his accomplishments, he has been:

  • A full Professor at the University of New Hampshire and taught at Washburn University, Kansas State University the University of Kansas and Minnesota State University
  • A national consultant to such diverse programs as the U.S. Army Family Advocacy Program; The U.S. Department of Education; The Center for School Safety; and over 35 U.S. state departments of social and juvenile services.
  • The Founder of The Courage to Care Program (www.courage2care.net); The Peaceful Intervention Program (a national training program to reduce the use of physical restraint in caring for and educating angry children) and The Realistic Parenting Program, a nation model for teaching parenting.
  • The author of three books and countless articles
  • A nationally recognized authority on social emotional learning
  • A former Director of the Karl Menninger National Youthcare Training Center and a staff member at the famous Menning Clinic, as well as a close personal friend and colleague of the late Karl Menninger.



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Sullivan County Corrections Program; State of Oklahoma, Dept. of Mental Health; Army Family Advocacy Program;  Virginia Association of Children's Homes; The Derry Bully Project; State of New Hampshire Department of Education; St. Louis Public Schools; Derry, NH Public Schools; State of Kentucky Department of Education; New Hampshire School Administrators Association; Plymouth State University; and on and on!